Villar transports VIP van for rent with driver, travel all over Thailand, karaoke van, airport pick-up

Villar transports VIP van for rent with driver, travel all over Thailand, karaoke van, airport pick-up


VIP van charter service 10-13 seats, tour route and delivery nationwide.

VIP Villar transports van team

Our team has enough cars to be ready to serve all customers. If the customer has used another car and is not satisfied, ask the team to have the opportunity to serve all customers who come to visit our website.

We are a VIP van team. We serve customers willingly. Service is our profession. We serve with heart. Try to let us serve customers once. We will not disappoint customers. "Thank you for calling the service."

บริการรถตู้เหมามืออาชีพ บริการเป็นกันเอง คนขับชำนาญเส้นทางทั่วไทย
บริการรถตู้เหมามืออาชีพ บริการเป็นกันเอง คนขับชำนาญเส้นทางทั่วไทย

Choose the type as appropriate.

You can choose the size according to the size and number of people.

VIP van rental service with driver

Van service, VIP decoration

TV YouTube Bluetooth Karaoke starts 2000/day

There are 9 seats, 10 seats and 12-13 seats.

Service with professional drivers, specializing in travel routes throughout Thailand, airport transfer service, tour service by a team with more than 10 years of experience.

(Daily rental, excluding fuel, NGV, LPG, excluding expressway, excluding driver accommodation, excluding OT fee '06.00-20.00')

The service covers all over the country.

Both daily and monthly services for general rental.....

Call to inquire at the number.

☎️ 0641412225


Car rental service with driver makes every journey safe and impressed with our service. We are happy to serve you both in the form of a charter car for small or large groups or will be a group of organizations. Both private and government If you think of a standard rental car, think of us.

Time of service, car rental, starting price

Conditions for car rental with driver

- The start date of the trip, no matter what time, it is counted as 1 working day.

A night departure to the destination in the morning, the staff must take a break when they arrive at the destination.

At least 8 hours before continuing to leave.

- Do not put illegal things in the car. If the driver sees or suspects that there is something illegal, the driver needs to ask the police to check for their own purity. And other people in the car

- The driver reserves the right to suspend or cancel the trip in some routes or some time. If considering that the next trip May cause danger to the life and / or property of the person in the car

- Do not bring all kinds of pets on the car. Absolutely before permission

- Employees will perform duties by focusing on convenience and safety. In the travel of passengers in the car is important. Driving speed Therefore, it is not the main factor in travel. But will depend on the traffic condition And the appropriate environment

- Do not use drugs inside the car.

- For travel safety, the driver will be on duty for no more than 12 hours.

After that, you must rest for at least 8 hours before the next departure.

- Limit the number of passengers not more than the number of seats in the car.

The booking process can transfer money to the account.

Kasikorn Bank No. 0302790493 Chitphon Khamna

After the transfer, please send the transfer slip via Line

And notify us Ready to accept is considered a complete reservation.

Guaranteed professionalism

Guaranteed professionalism, new, clean cars, safe drivers.

Villar transports